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Usui Reiki Master, Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, E-RYT 500 Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher and Continuing Education Provider, RYP Breathing and Pranayama Specialist
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What My Students Are Saying

"Ellie is one of the best, if not THE best yoga teacher I've ever had. She is so authentic and compassionate. She brings real life into every lesson. I am truly grateful to have found her."
— Charrie — West Seattle WA.

"Studying with Ellie is equal parts raw, challenging, humorous, intellectually stimulating, nourishing and deeply satisfying. She is a force to be reckoned with, and cares deeply for the practice of yoga and all it encompasses, and making it relatable to all of her students. She is a teacher who leaves her mark on your heart."
— Carly — Seattle WA.

"Like many, I first came to yoga in a time of personal crisis and was incredibly fortunate to find myself in Ellie's classes. Her nurturing compassion, inspiring wisdom, and fiery, humorous energy have had a profound impact on helping me establish a practice I am deeply grateful for and on living a healthier, mindful life outside of class."
— Chris — Seattle WA.

"Your presence and teaching are uplifting light and inspired energy.... which has motivated me to follow your invitation onto new pathways... towards healthier lifestyle choices."
— Kay — Seattle WA.

"Ellie fully embodies heart energy. It is a rare joy to experience, explore, and play with such a lovely gift!"
— Stephen M Antupit, LEED-ND AP — Seattle WA.

"Ellie feels so deeply and loves so widely... being in her presence reminds me that we are all free and meant to do the same! The community she creates is a sanctuary for cleansing tears and life-giving laughter. Studying with her invigorates my passion to live an authentic, vibrant life, dedicated to Earth-Soul harmony."
— Katrina — Seattle WA.

"Ellie inspired me so much to make small changes in my daily routine. She makes learning about Ayurvedic practices exciting but not overwhelming. She is such a role model because you are approachable and easy to connect with. She walks the walk."
— Alyssa — Seattle WA.

"It has been a wonderful year so far studying with Ellie within the Year of Living Yoga course. Ellie has a huge, huge heart and she is the epitome of true authenticity. She creates a soft haven so that her students can explore deeply within themselves in an environment of love and respect."
— Alison — Seattle WA.

"This course has encouraged me to "ramp up" my daily practices with a sense of joy, not obligation. I look forward to our gatherings and I am always so impressed with Ellie's dedication to her teaching, her students and to all of our evolution. While I am constantly a work in progress, I have felt a very deep shift in consciousness this year because of the work in this course, the sangha and of course, the teacher. Ellie's Yoga classes are rigorous, yet have a sense of lightness and humor. They are always delightfully sequenced, unique and create opening and awareness in the body, mind and spirit. Ellie is one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever practiced with. She was the original source of what I call an "inspiration hangover," which happens the day after you leave yoga so fired up and filled with joy that it is nearly impossible to sleep. She manages to bring just the right combination of effort, grace--and especially important--grounded humor! To each class. I especially love the way she teaches for life off the mat, encouraging the incorporation of seasonal and Ayurvedic practices into our approach to life. I hope to study with Ellie for many years to come."
— Lisa — Seattle WA.

"I LOVE learning from Ellie! She has a deep wealth of knowledge to share and shares it with humor and ease. I have been truly blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from her."
— Genevieve — Seattle WA.

"Ellie's passion and exuberance for the heart of this practice is infectious! I always walk away with a new nugget of wisdom, a tip, or a new idea about how to walk the walk. Hearing about some of her own experiences, where she has come from and how she got to where she is on this path is empowering. Her willingness to be vulnerable always inspires me. I love how she has combined Yoga and Ayurveda to bring a unique offering."
— Andrea — Issaquah WA.

"Ellie shares the teachings, practices and lifestyle recommendations with humor, warmth, and just the right amount of encouragement to try things in our lives. I so enjoy the joyful laughter in your classes. Ellie always communicates compassion and love I really appreciate her fresh viewpoints often with personal examples."
— Grace — Seattle WA.

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